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About me

Welcome at Yoga Home

My name is Anne Jacobs

I'd love to tell you why I chose to create a yoga studio that feels like home.

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My heart lies with personal contact. For years I thought that was why I belonged in the care sector. As a social worker and sexologist, I worked in the most interesting places where I could mean a lot to people, that was great. Because I could empathize with others so well, I succeeded in making that connection. But after years I also found out that this was also costing me a lot at the same time. I then made the choice for a different path in which I can still be there for someone else, but in a softer way: yoga. The first step was teaching Trauma-sensitive yoga to clients with PTSD. It felt so good that, after a lot of trial and error, I decided to stop working in the care sector altogether and to focus entirely on yoga. And now I find myself getting more and more starting to become who I really am.


With a heavily pregnant belly of 36 weeks, I passed my Yin yoga teacher training exam. I loved taking the rest during my pregnancy with yoga for myself and my body, where so much happened! Every week was different. Sometimes it was just enjoying and relaxing and sometimes it was also dealing with the uncertainties and fears that arose. In the end I experienced those 9 months as very nice and I believe that yoga played a major role in this. I find it extremely valuable to make other women feel good during their pregnancy (and the period afterwards) and let them feel relaxed and learn to trust their bodies. That's why I completed the Pregnancy Yoga teacher training when my son was 2.5 yrs old, followed by the Postnatal Yoga and Mama & Baby yoga teacher training.

I love seeing how someone can relax and let go during a yoga class. I enjoy offering this warm, nice place and personal attention so that someone walks out with more peace. I didn't always find it easy to take care of myself in a world where a lot was asked of me, and still do.  Yoga's perspective has made me realize that I don't have to ignore how I feel or push past my limits. I would like to show you what it feels like to be warm and understanding of your body, even when you may be feeling down, scared or stressed. You may be kind to yourself and do what feels right for you.


"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Anne Jacobs

Founder Yoga Home and yoga teacher

Yoga courses


De Nieuwe Yogaschool Amsterdam, Johan Noorloos

Teacher Training Yin yoga (200h)


TCTSY Esther van der Sande, Haarlem

Training Trauma Sensitive yoga (20h)


TULA Yoga studios Amsterdam

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (60h)



Teacher Training Prenatal Pregnancy Yoga (85h)



Teacher Training Postnatal Yoga (20h)



Teacher Training After Pregnancy | Mum and Baby Yoga (3pm)

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